4 Guests
1 Room, 1 Living Room
Free WiFi

We welcome you at Joan’s Bed and Breakfast in Zaandam (further mentioned as Joan’s B&B) and
kindly request you to read below mentioned terms and conditions.

1. General

•Joan Hofmann is owner and manager of Joan’s B&B. The owner can replace herself by
• another family member;
• These Terms & Conditions are applicable to all users of Joan’s B&B located at the Bachstraat 14
in Zaandam
• By booking/reserving a stay in our Bed & Breakfast these terms become applicable;
• A sample of these terms can be given on request to users;
• Guests are to have an existing living/home address;
• The manager is not liable for any damage, loss or theft of user’s properties;
• In case of litigation, all (legal) costs are for account of the user(s);
• All risks with relation to a stay in Joan’s B&B are for account of the user(s);
• Damages and missing of movable and immovable properties of the owner are to be
• reported immediately and compensated to the owner;
• Guests are to follow the instructions made by the owner;
• The manager is allowed to, in case of infringement upon these terms and improper
• behaviour, refuse entrance to Joan’s B&B, without further notice and reasons and without
• refund of accommodation costs;
• The manager’s administration is determined in case of mutual disagreement between
• the users unless he/she can prove the opposite;
• Guests of Joan’s B&B should adhere to the following regulations.

2. Reservation and confirmation

• The rental agreement can be done oral, by phone, in written or per E-mail;
• Upon receipt of your reservation request Joan’s B&B sends a confirmation (if space is
• available). By doing so the reservation is final;
• The manager is allowed to request a down-payment for a reservation;
• For reservation confirmations we refer to these terms;
• No extra charges will be made in case of a reservation at our B&B.

3. Payment

• The accommodation costs in Joan’s B&B are to be paid by bank upon arrival. The owner
• may, in consultation with the user, differ of this condition;
• In case of non-payment invoices will be handed over and eventual discounts will expire;
• In case of longer stay, payments are to be made up front per month;
• Stay is possible from two nights;
• The prices can be found on www.Joan’s B&

4. Cancellation

• If you are not able to fulfil the lease, you are to inform us as soon as possible;
• In case of cancellation, you are to pay the manager a compensation, which is as
• follows:
• 1 week or more before commencing date, 100% compensation;

• Less than 1 week before commencing date, no compensation.
• The compensation will either be (partly) deducted from the down-payment in case of payment
through PayPal or is due to transfer on the following bank account number:

5. Force Majeure

Joan’s B&B is not liable for failure to perform its obligations due to force majeure. Examples of
Force majeure are, disease of personnel which makes reasonable management impossible, war,
riot, flood, acts of war, terrorism, fire, flood and / or government action(s). Joan’s B&B is not obliged
to pay any compensation.

6. House regulation

Departure and arrival
• On the day of arrival you can use the room after 14.00 hours
• On the day of departure your room has to be free at 12.00 hours
• The above mentioned times can differ after consultation with the manager;
• Restitution will not take place in case of earlier departure.
• Breakfast is included. Time of delivery can very depending on your desire and our availability;
• In exception, breakfast can be delivered inside the house the evening before;
• Noise, particularly between 22.00 and 07.00 hours should be avoided;
• Audiovisual equipments should not be of any annoyance to others;
• Use of Joan’s B&B by third parties is not allowed;
• Visitors without authorization from the administrator are not to stay without extra charge in Joan’s
• The sleeping room, bathroom and other used spaces should be left clean upon departure;
• Waste should be deposited to the dustbin(s);
• A fire extinguisher is available next the kitchenette. In case of fire immediately warn the manager.
When the fire extinguisher is being used without any need, the user or group of people who has
used it will be kept responsible for the damage and has to pay an extra invoice of € 250,- + VAT;
• Smoking is prohibited inside the house;
• The key of the room will be returned to the owner when you leave.
We wish you a very pleasant stay in our Bed & Breakfast!
Joan, Erwin & Puck

Here you can download a copy of our terms and conditions


1 Bedroom, 1 Bathroom, Livingroom, Garden

Maximum 4 Guests

Garden and Terrace